Rubber & Silicone Roller Covers

We offer hundreds of elastomeric compounds in climate-controlled storage with hardnesses from 20-95 Durometer Shore A, 6-46 Durometer Shore D, and 300-10 P&J. We have a wide variety of formulations of EPDM, Hypalon, Nitrile & Nitrile/PVC, Carboxilated Nitrile, Hydrogenated nitrile, Neoprene, Natural Rubber, Polyurethane, Silicone, Viton. Special formulations include Antistatic, Conductive, Corona Treater, Hickey Pickers. Additives include Silica (glass beads), Teflon, Nylon flock.

Polyurethane Roll Covers

MSR has over 25 years of polyurethane casting expertise to help you solve your roller challenges. We use only premium materials so your rolls have maximum performance. We can customize your urethane compound with additives such as Nylon and Silica where needed.

Bowed Rollers

We repair and manufacture new Bowed Rollers for every application. Bowed Rollers are used in continuous webs to prevent wrinkling, seperate slits, and expand/straighten material. Bowed rollers are used in industries such as Textile, Paper, Film, Non-woven Fabric, and Foil. MSR can custom-design and manufacture a complete line of high-tech bowed spreader rollers. We supply Fixed and Adjustable-Bow Rolls. We use the highest quality parts to ensure your roll will perform the way you expect.

Specialty Roll Cover: Rilsan Nylon®

Our Nylon roll covering is a durable, affordable alternate covering for copper and ebonite oscillators, vibrators, transfer rolls, water treatment rolls, and other applications. Some features of our Nylon rolls include excellent wear resistance, suitable for all size presses, suitable for industrial applications, Fast and Efficient Thermal Spray Process, Covering Thickness up to 0.100, and Machine finished.

Specialty Roll Cover: Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide covering is a Thermal Spray covering with a multitude of applications. It is an excellent choice for infeed rollers and rewinders, presses and sheeters where high speed paper-gripping is required. MSR's Tungsten Carbide rolls have excellent wear resistance.

Specialty Roll Cover: Ebonite

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Specialty Roll Cover: Epoxy

Epoxy is an alternative roller covering suitable for applications such as dielectric coating for corona treating, abrasion resistance for paper industry, and wear resistance for steel coil processing. Some features of Epoxy coverings include excellent chemical resistance, excellent thermal conductivity, maximum service temperature of 300 Degrees Fahrenheit, hardness: 90-95 Shore D, and additive options include aluminum and steel.

Specialty Roll Cover: Chrome

MSR is pleased to offer over 20 years of experience with chrome plating rolls. Chrome is an excellent roll covering option. It provides excellent wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, release qualities, corrosion resistance, and a smooth metallic surface. We can offer Builing, Regrinding, Grinding, Precision Plating, Matte, Polished or Miror Finishes, Hydrophilic Etching.

New Roll Manufacturing

MSR has TWO complete in-house machine shops, one in each of our manufacturing locations. We can manufacture spare or replacement rolls for any application using your design, a standard design, OEM specifications, or from our extensive library of blueprints. Using our CAD system, we will provide drawings for your approval. We have over 10 machinists in our facility specifically dedicated to repairing and building new cores.